The Next Big Thing?

Viral is the next big thing right? It would certainly seem so; companies are increasingly prepared to spend fairly substantial sums of money on viral in the hope that the time we spend playing the game or watching the video will create enough goodwill to make us more likely to buy their product. And guess what… it works! By some strange freak of nature we (the human race) prefer to be entertained than educated, who'd have guessed that.

Sarcasm aside, what are we saying? Well, let's look at what's actually happening here: people like to be entertained, people like the people that entertain them and people like to entertain each other or alternatively: Billy Connelly tells a joke, people laugh, they admire him for his talent, they go home and then retell some of his gags to their neighbours who then pass them on to their colleagues at work who then… well I'm sure you get the idea.

Viral isn't a new thing at all then, it's just that the internet has provided a more efficient and versatile way of facilitating a desire that we all share and although the medium itself is relatively new the basic principles that viral works on probably date back to around the same time that some hairy dude or dudette rubbed two sticks together.

So Mr Marketing Executive… open up your chequebook, make a large sum payable to your friendly digital marketing company, and don't be surprised when your campaign actually works because viral IS the next big thing.


The Next Big Thing?
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