Ten Tips for Viral Marketing

We often get asked how to make a great viral campaign and we thought it might be time to share some of our thoughts with you, hope you find them useful, looking forward to hearing some of yours too! Cheers, H@X.


How to produce a viral marketing campaign:

1: Find something that someone emailed you last week and copy it.


2: Add nudity if none present, lesbianism if possible


3: If nudity or lesbianism are not appropriate, make sure someone is graphically shown being injured, preferably killed.


4: Ensure that users have to give their email and inside leg measurement before they get to see the content whatever it is.


5: Buy a mailing list for as much money as possible, no need to worry about quality, volume is the key.


6: Mail your "viral" to your list, don't worry if they don't click through, just email them again!


7: Take your production budget, apply a suitable multiplier to it (100 will work nicely) and spend this on banners.


8: All stats packages have inherent inaccuracies, make sure you add a few million visits on to the statistics you report, your client will appreciate this immensely.


9: Delete as applicable:


9a: Users will be disappointed if the don't have the opportunity to click through 7 pages of product info before arriving at your game/movie/website.


9b: It's important that absolutely no product or brand information is visible on your game/movie/website, users prefer to guess.


10: Stuck for an idea? No problem! Just call one of the small viral marketing companies. You'll find they'll be more than happy to write the pitch for you, you can always employ a freelancer or someone internal if you actually win the project.


Small agencies don't mind this; most of them actually prefer writing the proposal to doing the work.

Ten Tips for Viral Marketing
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