Mouse of the Dead up for an award!

Our brilliant rodent-based shooter, Mouse of the Dead, has been shortlisted for the FHM Web Game Awards '09. We're as pleased as a mouse with cheese to hear this news so why not show your love for Van Mausing (and his double-pistols of doom) by visiting FHM and voting for Mouse of the Dead.

Play it now!

About the game:
High in the Transylvanian mountains the dread Moggiarty is gathering his evil undead army. If left unchecked the fearsome feline will become unstoppable. Enter our diminutive rodent hero Van Mausing, the last hope of thwarting the cat's terrible plans. Take control of Van Mausing and battle the undead hordes with a devastating arsenal of weaponry.

This incredible shoot' em up mixes awesome cartoon graphics with live action video, immersing you into the gameplay like never before.
Mouse of the Dead up for an award!
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