NinjaTrials - available in the App Store for free!

Have you seen our debut iOS game, NinjaTrials? This unique puzzle platformer stars two of our favourite characters from TinyTrials - Apprentice Ninja Soba and Sensei Mustrihada - and we invite you to join them for a demonstration of supreme ninja skills.

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About NinjaTrials
Apprentice Ninja Soba is training hard under Sensei Mustrihada, in order to one day learn the fabled Twelve Legged Dragon Fist, the ultimate ninja technique to beat all others!

One day whilst enthusiastically practicing his soak/scrub/rinse technique, Ninja Soba accidentally freed the Ronin Soap Bubbles Of The 4,000 Ancestors! Outraged at his student’s lack of care and the blight the bubbles cause on the landscape, Sensei Mustrihada sends his young protogé to correct his error atop the Zen Training Ball of Balance.

Gameplay Highlights:
- A unique platform challenge: tilt the device to balance and move, tap to jump!
- Negotiate rolling hills, mighty leaps, crumbling bridges, death-dealing spikes, bouncy pigs and... pigeons?
- Dozens of fiendish skill challenges with more levels to come!
- The Dojo: hone your skills and see how long you can stay on the Zen Training Ball of Balance.
NinjaTrials - available in the App Store for free!
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